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   In the next few weeks you can expect to see a whole new look to Gran-Sure Distributors. We are re-designing the website to make it more enjoyable. We will try our best to make it a smooth transition so it won't affect any orders you will be placing.



  The main objective of Gran-Sure Distributor is to show you some simple ways to balance your PH to 7.2 thus allowing you to live longer healthier lives. All the items in Gran-Sure have to do with detoxing the whole body, thus enabling you to balance your PH. Gran-Sure has been in the detox business since 1988, offering “Top of the line” Colon Health Fiber Supplement and the Original Oral Chelation. Now, to make our goal complete for detoxing the whole body, we offer the Gran-Sure foot detoxer. We hope you find this site informative and look forward to helping you stay healthy.

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